Enriching lives

Empowering Dreams

TAFE's core values define our beliefs, principles and practices. It outlines the conduct of business in our everyday lives,dictates our overarching vision and corporate strategy.


The new core values logo is a symbolic depiction of progress, energy and integrity. It is a memory aid for easy recall and vividly portrays the value sets practices within the global organization.


The outer wheel indicates enduring progress and the inner swirl infuses energy that permeate the entire organization. The inner white space attributes justice and fairness, the perfect canvas for inscribing our values.


TAFE - More than you expect


We may not be able to wipe the sweat from the customer's brow, but we can certainly put a smile on his face.



Quality Products & Services

An uncompromising focus on quality, not just in products, but in all that we do.



Human Resources - People

We are not just individuals doing our respective jobs.

We are partners in progress. Our people matter.



Business Ethics

Our Strong foundation is based on ethical practices, open and transparent operations.



Environment & Society

While serving our company, we are mindful of our commitment to preserve the environment and contribute positively to society.



Proactive Response To Change

We create value by anticipating, preparing and facing changes in a world where the only thing that is permanent, is change itself.



Trust & Long-Term Relationships

We value trust and long-term relationships with our precious partners.

Making a difference

in the lives of farmers

Less time to worry

more time to farm

Why buy a TAFE?

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Quality product
  • 3-point linkage
  • Unique warranty
  • Optional service plan

3rd largest

tractor manufacturer in the world

2 Million

TAFE tractors sold globally since inception

Presence in over

100 Countries

More than 3 000

TAFE tractors sold since 2007

Find A Dealer

More than a 1 000 dealers with a strong distribution network, powering farms in over 75 countries

Pick your tafe

TAFE offers an extensive rage of technologically superior tractors up to 100 hP worldwide

Service Basket

TAFE offers clients the lowest service package cost on the market and quality original parts

A Happy farmer

When easily maintained, TAFE farmers have clocked between 9 000 - 13 000 hours on a single tractor without major down time








Know the facts

TAFE's fuel efficient world class OMPFI saves on fuel, saves on maintenance and ensures higher resale value to the world's largest single engine family

3-Year Warranty*

This means the supplier will cover the tractor for 3 years or 2 500 hours, whichever comes first *

* T & C's apply

Exceed customer expectations

TAFE develops technologically advanced products and processes to satisfy the serious farmer's needs and expectations

TAFE Time Line

Because you see

things differently

Because you push

yourself continuously

Because you are

not limited by rules

Because you don't give up



High quality mass manufacturer with an extensive product range

TPM Excellence Award

Japan Institute of Plant Management


Frost & Sullivan IMEA Award

Significant progress towards reliable processes


Regional Contributor Award

Quality supplies from Toyota Motor Company


Manufacturing Supply Chain Operational Excellence Award

Asia Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit for its supply chain transformation

At TAFE tractors we believe that if there is one machine that has made a phenomenal impact in changing the destinies of millions of farmers, it is undoubtedly the tractor. In the lives of farmers, tractors are not mere machines, they are trusted friends and allies, who maximise farm output, improve income and living conditions.

The third largest tractor manufacturer in the world and the second largest tractor manufacturer in India by volumes, TAFE tractors is India’s largest exporter of tractors, powering farms in over 75 countries including developed countries in Europe and the Americas.

More than

3 000

TAFE tractors sold since 2007